Friday, 22 July 2011

about My LiFE !

My name is NORAZURA BINTI AHMAD. Born onJanuary 5, 1993 in Klang, Selangor. I am the son of the 6th of 9 siblings.

begins with the story of a happy past. a happy family is the dream of everyone, especially me. My family became lively when all thesiblings together. a very pleasant atmosphere laughter would shake the home environment. happiness will face reflected in every family.Other activities are the daughter and my father would cook specialdishes in addition to the daily menu. the menu includes such assambal fried quail, deer meat cooking fat, and many more.

My experience is the National Service Training Program. a very exciting experience and can not be ignored. there I learned manyimportant matters before going to work or school environment.there a variety of sports activities such as cross-country run, kayak,raft, CB class, class statesman, hero of the successful and so on.

I hope in 2011 was to study hard sunguh, reaching a high able to repay a parent. beloved father happy with the excellent results insyaAllah.
please friends around to help me in studies. I hope that can changethemselves for libih both in religion and personality.

This story about me an Khairiah Salwa . Our relationship as friends but boleyregarded as brothers and sisters because we are veryfamiliar. we met since high school in the form of MGSKlang. we mutually exchange ideas and share problems with each other. Now we were studying, butwhere I differ in Polytechnics and he was in UiTM.Although far apart but we stay in touch. being successful and give back to parents is our goal.InsyaAllah!